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Hi, Kris Reid here from Ardor SEO.

I guess you're here because you heard me on a podcast. If you could be a champ and leave a review for the podcast that would certainly help the host a lot.

Now down to business, you want a free website audit right?

Great! All you need to do is pop your name, email and the website that you would like audited in the box below this video

I'll personally take a look at your website and show you exactly what you need to do to move forward, for better rankings, more traffic and most importantly more customers.

I will ask two things in exchange, which are up to your discretion

  • If you would be so kind as to write an article on your site and link our site, that will help us provide more audits for more NGOs
  • And if you would please send me an introduction to 3 other NGOs or non profits so we can help them too
  • So add your name, email and site that you want audited in the box on the left and let's make the world a better place.

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